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RTV Program Guide:

5.30 AM : Jibon Joti (Islamic Program)
6.00 AM : News Top 10
6:02 AM: Musical Program
6.30 AM: Drama (Facebook/Chowmohol repeat)
7.00 AM : News Top 10
7:02 AM : Drama (Olospur/Kutun Asche)
8:02 AM : OUr Democracy/Goal Table
10:10AM : Drama/Event
6:05 PM : Event or Drama
7:30 PM : Drama or Event
8:10 PM : Drama Facebook/Kutum Asche
9:50 PM : Drama Eti Dulavai or Look @ me
11:20PM : OUr Democracy or Goll Table Live
12:05AM : Goll Table/Business Talkshow

Bangla Vision Program :

6:00 AM :Morning Program
07:00 AM : News Update
07:30 AM : Bangla Vision Songbad
08:00 AM : Nitta Anusthan
08:30 AM : Amader Ranna Ghor
09:00 AM : Bangla Vision News Top Ten
09:05 AM : Natok Jaltarango
10:00 AM : Bangla Vision Songbad
10:10 AM : Bangla Film: Preo Amar Preo
11:00 AM :Songbad
12:00 PM :Songbad
01:00 PM : Bangla Vision News Top Ten
02:10 PM :Tele Film/Drama
04:00 PM : Bangla Vision Songbad
05:00 PM : Songbad Deshjurea
05:15 PM : Projonmo Thake Projonmo
06:40 PM : Dharabahik Natok
07:30 PM : Mayaban Beharinee
10:30 PM : Bangla Vision Songbad
11:10 PM :Series Drama


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National ICT Award-2014

National ICT Award-2014

Deshiptv is one of the pioneer IPTV provider in Singapore.  With the advent of globalization, our objective is to provide Indian, Bengali,Kannada and Telugu Live TV programs to all Indians and Bangladeshis who are living or working in Singapore to be able to watch their homeland TV programs and be linked to their homeland. With this advantage, the overseas family will be able to keep the younger generation in touch with their homeland’s culture and language.

Not only watching your favorite TV channels but also you can enjoy some extra excitement features being the member's of Deshiptv

Robi Pocket Tv:

Another successful mileage included with DESHIPTV family. We are going to launch first seamless Mobile TV service in Robi Backbone. Robi-Pocket TV will be first Bengali Mobile TV service completely developed by Bangladeshi company.


Movies & Dramas:

Deshiptv puts you in command by allowing you to watch Free Full Length movies and dramas for all Bangladeshi, Indians, Nepalese. If you want to enjoy your own movies from your STB then please give us the information we will upload your favorite movies for you. There are thousand of movies and dramas you will get in our STB.

YouTube Videos/VOD:

The whole new world of recorded videos on youtube - from short videos to full length movies,dramas, programs, news all under your command in remote. You can enjoy whole time what you want to see.

Personal Media:

Want to enjoy your personal media files on your TV? Why not! We have facility to watch and see your personal media files on your TV. Just plugged in your USB pen drive or Thumb drive in our STB. Now enjoy your personal wedding video, photo shoot, personal pictures and so more. Deshiptv STB Box not only has the option to play your media files through usb drive but also through SD Card (which is not available with most other media boxes).

Read News-paper:

With our RSS feature in STB you can enjoy most popular online news papers from your box on TV. Our all in one feature will give you extra excitement. Keep connect always weather you have computer or other scope.

Enjoy Radio worldwide:

With our online radio feature in STB. You can enjoy most popular radio channels world wide. Currently we have hundreds of Bangladeshi, Indians, Nepalese radio stations all over the world.